Are you modifying (compromising) your life around your health problems? #pregnancyproblems, #post-pregnancyproblems

Women suffering from Stress Incontinence (Urine Leak)

Urinary Stress Incontinence Post Partum

What is a normal Urinary Frequency?

Is it normal to need to go pee every half hour or an hour?

Low back pain

Neck pain caused by Upper Cross Syndrome Part 1

Neck pain caused by Upper Cross Syndrome Part 2

Nerve Irritation, Shooting pain in the arm

Knee Replacement, What to expect, Post-op care 

Urinary frequency, urgency and bladder irritants.

Bulging disc/disc protrusion/herniated disc

physical therapy/physiotherapy, Affordability. Possible reasons for aching feet.

Hot pack vs Cold pack (Icepack)

Do you always feel confused between Hot pack vs Ice pack?  Which one is better when you are in pain?

#hotpack,#icepack,#heatvscold? , #painmanagement

Tension headaches, fatigue

Do you feel exhausted all the time and get bad headaches? Did your doctor say it’s just stress and nothing is wrong with you? 

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